A Son’s Anger; A Mother’s Dilemma

Sometimes I think nah, my life/family isn’t that dramatic like a soap opera and then this happens.

I am Jamey

I apologize at the start for the length of this post. There is a lot more I could have included but tried very hard to keep it as short as possible.

clock-499042_1920On the Thursday morning before Christmas, about six a.m., while I was getting ready for work, my son called. This greatly surprised me because he hadn’t really been talking to me for about two years. At Thanksgiving, even though he hadn’t been talking with me, he took an opportunity on Instagram to passively/aggressively attack me with a brief exchange.

On this particular morning, he was very upset.

My daughter-in-law had just been taken away in an ambulance. Something about a possible suicide attempt. She apparently had gone out with friends the previous evening and come home incapacitated and vomiting. According to the friends she only had two beers. My son thought she had also taken something as she was…

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