As of 2018, Bold Words is working on a podcast! On it, I talk about writing–writing tips, what other people think about writing, books in general, culture, and whatever comes to mind. Will hopefully have writing guests–novels, short stories, essays, and poetry–even comic artists!

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: I need your help for a segment in the show called, “Why Didn’t They Finish?” If you’ve ever picked up a book or story and put it down without finishing it, I’d love to hear the who, what, and why. Lots of authors face this problem and are stumped why people stop reading their stories. Who best to help them figure it out than to give feedback? Please contact me with your story and I may include it in one of the episodes. And please let me know if it’s an anonymous submission. Thanks for your help! Let’s get the conversation started!

The show (hopefully) posts Fridays at least once a month. The first episode aired January 5th, 2018.

Here’s where you can find it:

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